Weekend Recipe Adventures

The kitchen is my playground. Sometimes there are scapes and bruises but it’s always fun. I’ll archive all the adventures here. I hope you enjoy!


  • Blue Bayou Gumbo – Attempt #1

    Blue Bayou Gumbo – Attempt #1

    We had the best time at Disneyland. Now that I’m home, I’m missing the food so bad. We were lucky enough to get reservations at The Blue Bayou one day and enjoyed the gumbo and 2 glasses of Pinot Noir. So, why not try to recreate it – missing the boats rolling by. Funny side […]

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  • Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry

    Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry

    I recently discovered Trader Joe’s bottled Thai yellow curry sauce. It’s really good and comforting. It’s definitely not YaYa’s curry. It tastes a bit more like Japanese curry. But it’s damn good. I made it traditional style with chicken and potatoes (I didn’t have bamboo shoots). Basically, I put 1 and a half chicken breast, […]

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  • Filet Mignon on the Pan

    Filet Mignon on the Pan

    TJ’s has filets for around $25 for 2. What a steal! I made two last night and typically we bbq but it was already late and well, coals take time. So, I tried it in a pan. Since I don’t have a cast iron in the tiny house (gasp!), I used the stainless steel. They […]

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  • Fab 4 Morning Smoothie

    Fab 4 Morning Smoothie

    Have you heard of the book, Body Love? It’s written by Kelly Leveque, an LA nutritionalist for celebs. The adorable Jessica Alba wrote the forward. Anyway, this breakfast smoothie is everything. Of course, I miss my pastries. But this thing satisfies hunger cravings for hours. I have it after my morning coffee – between 9 […]

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  • Jalapeño Poppers, Baked

    Jalapeño Poppers, Baked

    Made these for the 4th of July and am looking for a BBQ event to bring them to so I can side swipe a few between drinks. It’s the perfect “over served” food. Bacon-y, kinda spicy, cheesey. Sooo good. In fact, I bet we could doctor them up to look Halloween-y. Ok. Time for some […]

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  • Poke


    Ya’ll. Poke. That “e” ain’t silent on this one. It’s refreshing and filling and a perfect way to end summer. Go out and get some sushi grade tuna today and make it. 1/2 lb sushi grade ahi tuna, cubed into 1/2” pieces 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced 4 tsp soy sauce 2 tsp sesame oil […]

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