Yet another food blog. I couldn’t resist. It’s created mostly as a means to archive my weekend recipe adventures and misadventures. But if you find it interesting, I’d love your input too.

I like to consider myself a scrumptious bits connoisseur. I LOVE tapas, small plates, apps, sampler platters, boxes of chocolates, bento boxes, buffets, simply because I can try lots of different foods in little bites.

I don’t discriminate against any of the basic tastes. Bring on the sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami. I love to cook and try different foods at home. Something about knowing the ingredients and where they came from is so much more satisfying than eating out. We eat local when we can and always in season. We have chickens and friends who are farmers. So we’re getting loads of satisfaction each meal from naming who made which ingredient. I’ll try to include this in the recipe for folks in the Bay Area.

I have to disclose though that I am not a baker. I have a hard time with the restraints of measuring cups and spoons. I’m a pincher (pinch of this, dash of that). However, I will try to document recipes with measurements that regular folks (without my “pinch condition”) can try out.

I look forward to posting some stuff and maybe if you’re inspired, give me a holler. Happy Cooking!


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