Juice – not very scrumptious

This is the reason for my absence from posting recently.


I’ve embarked on the juice cleanse bandwagon. My Facebook feed was taunting me with news from quite a few of my friends who were taking the challenge. So, I thought why not. I’ve never tried a cleanse before and this one seemed the most approachable (no random pick ups or extra supplements to take). It’s just juice and tea and water for 3 days. I’m on day 2 and am still standing. Although, the food temptations are almost magnetic. How did that donut end up in my hand? (just kidding)
The prep for the cleanse was the hardest (and by “prep” I mean giving up my morning hot cocoa and evening vino). The good thing is that I’ll be completely “weaned” off the cleanse in time for some El Salchichero hot dogs cooked on the campfire for the 4th.

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