Grilled Steelhead Trout

I’m still learning and experimenting on the Weber Genesis. Well, to be truthful, I haven’t ventured beyond the brined pork chops, steaks and hot dogs. For many reasons, I get nervous cooking other proteins on the grill. Like what if they aren’t fully cooked? And worse, what if they’re overcooked. And if we’re talking fish? The fear escalates. Skin is very sticky and what if it gets stuck to the grates? What if half of it falls to pieces and is forever lost to the grease trap? (I might be divulging a little too much of my nerotic behavior but these are my the thoughts that pop into my noggin when strategizing dinner prep. And maybe you have them too:)

But I had to get over it because this whole Steelhead Trout from Lassen had to be grilled.

This baby was 2lbs. I put some garlic salt in the cavity and on the body (probably about a teaspoon). I had some mandarins so I cut up two of them and put the slices in the cavity with 3 stalks of green onions and 4 slices of cooked bacon. I might have added more bacon if I had it.

I scored the skin on both sides.

Then I heated up the grill to 400 degrees with only two burners going. I then placed the fish on the indirect heat side (over the burner that was turned off). I closed the lid and let it cook for 20 minutes. Then I turned it over and cooked it for 15 more minutes.

The smokiness of the bacon infused in the moist flesh of the fish. It was really, really good. I would serve it next time with an acidic sauce like a mild chimichurry.
We loved it!

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